When a recording is started we generate a unique encryption key. This key is used to continously encrypt recorded parts before uploading them to our storage service. This makes the uploaded data unreadable when not having access to the key.

At the end of the recording, we append the encryption key to the link as a hash (#). By storing it this way, we ensure that the browser never sends the key to our servers, and hence cannot be intercepted.

Browser support requires modern browser capabilities such as MediaRecorder, Webm and Web Crypto to do a screen recording. Most modern browsers support this, so as long as you update your current browser you should be good to go. requires Web Crypto and Webm during playback.

Note that Safari in general is a problematic browser for This is because Safari has been lacking support for Webm for long time. However, it has been added as of Big Sur 11.3 Beta 2.

Who built

Anton, Fredrik & Robert built It seemed like a reasonable idea, and a fun project. We've tried to build a service that makes it easy to record and share your screen in a secure and integrity-preserving way.


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